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Modern Precast Systems offers two unique concrete product solutions to help you successfully complete your projects. Whether it is for your commercial, residential, or industrial build, we’ve got you covered.


Our walls are offered in a variety of heights including 9′-3 5/8″, 10′-0″, 11′-0″, 12′-0″, & 13′-8″, with custom sizes available to meet your project specific requirements. These walls can be adapted to a variety of light commercial applications as well, such as storage, office building, warehouses, etc. Rather than being a fixed product limited by design, the Envirocast Residential Walls are dynamic and can take on many shapes, forms, & functions.

The wall structural system consists of reinforced vertical & horizontal integral concrete studs & “bond beams” that provide vertical & horizontal flexural & shear capacity to meet all National, State, & local Building Codes. Wire mesh reinforcing may be added to enhance in-plane shear capacity.

The insulating properties are achieved by a core of EPS insulation. R-Values vary depending on actual configuration, but typical values for the 9′-3 5/8″ and 10′-0″ walls are 23, while the 12′-0″ wall comes in at R 19.2. These values make these walls very attractive when considering the 2012 Energy Code requirements for walls.

To add to the value of the system, 1 5/8″ or 2 1/2″, 20 gauge metal studs finish out the inside of the wall, making it ready to receive the wall finish. The wall may even employ a no metal stud application in some cases. Theses wall have been tested for UL1715 burn testing and achieved a passing score.

Stone Strong

Stone Strong blocks are not just a solid mass of concrete but rather an thoughtfully designed system developed by a team of Structural, Geotech Engineers and form liner professionals from the very beginning. Their inherent size provides safety factors that are unsurpassed in the marketplace. With the biggest, best and most innovative block in pre-cast, Stone Strong Systems delivers a fully and intelligently engineered retaining wall solution with voids that align when on running bond to achieve the highest friction angle which provides the strongest course to course connection. The size of this block greatly reduces installation time and labor costs. In addition Stone Strong Provides unmatched safety, durability and aesthetics. State of the art? We go one better. This is state of the block!

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