Stone Strong


Big projects require big league blocks. Stone Strong’s line of precast concrete products are ideal for virtually all industrial projects. The blocks are marked by their ability to reach the highest friction angles to achieve the strongest possible course to course connections. Their size not only provides an unmatched level of safety but greatly reduces installation time and, by extension, labor costs. Bigger is better, and Stone Strong blocks are the best on the market.

Choose your design

Tennessee Foothills

Sharp and well defined, the pattern was developed by laser-mapping actual retaining walls in the Smoky Mountains.


Created by scanning an existing masonry wall in Montgomery Co. Maryland, it resembles a tight cobble lay making its scale adaptable for residential use.

Fractured Ledge

Created from actual fractured ledge stone, the highly defined pattern offers the most natural look to match most any application.

Chiseled Granite

Derived from blocks hand-chiseled by artisans, the pattern is intended to match the classic look of natural, chiseled stone.